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    The origins of Yoshin Ryu have been clouded by the turbulent history of Japan. Japans turbulent history Included near constant warfare of the 16th and 17th century, as well as the period custom, of one changing their name, sometimes several times in a lifetime. Two different branches of Yoshin Ryu are recorded in history, however the origins of both schools are so similar that they arguably could be describing the same school. Both Schools were started by physicians that had previous martial arts training, both studied either in China or with chinese doctors and both claimed to have epiphanies regarding flexibility and suppleness in a persons body while doing techniques on living opponents. Additionally both schools claimed to have their revelations regarding suppleness by observing willow trees in winter and observing how easily snow fell from flexible branches, while inflexible branches broke under the weight of the snow.


    Shortly after this, all historical resources seem to lose track of both of these schools of Yoshin Ryu.  However, it is known that many lineages of Koryu Martial Arts might have risen from either one of the schools of Yoshin Ryu.  Yoshin Ryu did not cease to exist, but, like many of the Koryu arts, they slipped into anonymity after World War II with the outlawing of the practice of Martial Arts by General MacArthur and the occupying forces.  
    After the ban was lifted on the practice of Martial Arts in Japan, Yoshin Ryu did not accept foreign students and remained out of the public eye, especially considering many of the practitioners lost family members in either Hiroshima or Nagasaki.  In the late 1970's an American was finally accepted as a student by Satoshi Goda, the last living Grand Master of Yoshin Ryu Ju Jutsu, and continued his training with him until 1990 when Goda Sensei passed away.  Out of respect for his teacher the heir apparent to the system of Yoshin  Ryu Koryu Ju Tai Jutsu did not take the title of "Grand Master" because Goda Sensei passed away before officially naming him as the successor.  However, Kido Sensei did "receive" the entire art from Goda Sensei, and has passed it down as such.  These arts have been faithfully passed down exactly as they were taught by Goda Sensei, and they have been continually taught in this manner even today.  Because the art was able to be passed down to successive generations of instructors, students today are taught Yoshin Ryu faithfully, unadulterated, and without dilution.

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